International Educational Tours in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe

Open your minds by exploring and combining innovative developments into your educational practice and
organisation, that will place your learners at the centre of our global society.

Why take part in a Core Educators International EdTour?

Focused visits to education systems outside of your own country can help to broaden your horizons beyond the local and national, inspiring you to develop your school further. Through our comprehensive International EdTours programme, Core Educators provides you with the opportunity to experience first hand, innovative and modern learning environments specifically identified to meet your needs.

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The International EdTours programme is structured with inbuilt time for reflective learning and collaboration with other educationalists to help you ‘re-imagine your own school environment’. You will:

  • Build a global perspective through field experiences

  • Establish links with the possibility of continued support

  • Explore different cultures and educational contexts

  • Address your own school challenges in focused discussions

  • Engage in collaboration with fellow educationalists from overseas

  • Identify new perspectives through guided reflective practice

  • Discover how different political viewpoints shape a variety of educational landscapes

  • Become inspired to lead change and develop your own school further

  • Renew your professional energies as you take ‘educational walkthroughs’